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The Immaterial Book of St. Cyprian

Folk Concepts & Views on The Book as a Cultural Item through the Reading of Folk Narratives

José Leitão

14 MAY 2017

The Immaterial Book of St. Cyprian is a cartography of Iberian stories, myths, and “rural legends” about the infamous spellbook of the saint of occultists. It charts the purported powers of this grimoire, and the powers such a tome confers upon the bearer.

Newly translated from the Portuguese by José Leitão, these collected legends of Cyprian’s Book illuminate Iberian conceptions of local witchcraft and countermagic, enchanted treasures, the Devil and the mysterious mouros and mouras – faerie-like denizens that manifest to tempt and terrify the unwary and the foolhardy. Leitão provides a rich introduction contextualizing the legends and discussing the various themes arising in them.

The Immaterial Book of St. Cyprian is the second volume in the Folk Necromancy in Transmission series, conceived and curated by Dr Alexander Cummins and Jesse Hathaway Diaz for Rubedo Press.


The first 96 orders of The Immaterial Book of St. Cyprian will arrive with a custom postcard of a map of Portugal identifying the provenance of the legends.

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Softcover 5×7, 140 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-943710-11-9

Table of Contents




[1] A Cova dos Mouros • The Cova of the Mouros (Mouros’ Burrow)

[2] Bruxas • Witches

[3] O João do Serro , Lobisomem • João do Serro , Werewolf

[4] Castello ou S . Thomé do Castello • Castle or S . Thomé do Castello

[5] Lenda da Fraga das Campainhas • Legend of the Fraga das Campainhas (Bells’ Boulder)

[6] O Bezerro de Oiro • The Golden Calf

[7] O Cabeço da Velha • The Cabeço of the Velha (Mount of the Old Woman)

[8] A Moura e o Bezerro de Ouro • The Moura and the Golden Calf

[9] O Tesouro da Cerca •  The Treasure of the Cerca

[10] O Penedo dos Mouros • The Penedo dos Mouros (Mouros’ Boulder)

[11] A Fontela de Candegrelo • The Fontela de Candegrelo (ountain of Candegrelo)

[12] Dona Mirra • Lady Mirra

[13] Pinócros • Pinócros

[14] A Jovem Encantada • The Enchanted Girl

[15] Lendas do Convento da Provença • Legends of the Convent of Provença

[16] O Tear de Ouro•  The Golden Loom

[17] Lenda da Anta de Paranho de Arca • Legend of the Anta of Paranho da Arca

[18] A Casa dos Mouros de Cidadelha • The House of the Mouros of Cidadelha

[19] Lenda dos Pintainhos de Ouro • Legend of the Golden Chicks

[20] A Menina Encantada • The Enchanted Girl

[21] A Menina Tecedeira • The Weaving Girl

[22] A Lenda do Cabeço da Moura • The Legend of the Cabeço da Moura (Moura’s mound)

[23] Lenda da Cabreia • Legend of the Cabreira

[24] O Tesouro , a Moura e o Diabo • The Treasure , the Moura and the Devil

[25] O Penedo dos Namorados • The Penedo dos Namorados (Lovers’ Boulder)

[26] Lenda da Fonte do Ouro • Legend of the Fonte do Ouro (Fountain of Gold )

[27] O Ouro do Monte de Santa Marinha • The Gold of the Monte de Santa Marinha (Saint Marinha’s Mount)

[28] O Tesouro de Lamelas • The Treasure of Lamelas

[29] Lenda do Bezerro de Ouro (versão A) • Legend of the Golden Calf (Version A)

[30] Lenda do Bezerro de Ouro (versão B) • Legend of the Golden Calf (Version B )

[31] O Bezerro de Ouro • The Golden Calf


About the Author

JOSÉ LEITÃO is a Portuguese Saint Cyprian devotee. He holds a PhD in experimental physics from the University of Delft and has finished a second Master’s degree in religious studies at the University of Amsterdam in 2016. His current research interests focus on using ethnographic and folkloric methodologies to map the concepts of folk magic, sorcery, and witchcraft as described in the records of the Portuguese Inquisition. He produced the first English translation of one of the traditional Portuguese grimoires attributed to Saint Cyprian, The Book of St. Cyprian: The Sorcerer’s Treasure (Hadean Press, 2014), and is currently working on collecting manuscripts and low circulation Portuguese Saint Cyprian literature to further progress the international understanding of the Sorcerer Saint.