A Journal & Nocturne

Edited by Aaron Cheak, PhD
Sabrina Dalla Valle, MFA
and Jennifer Zahrt, PhD

DIAPHANY is an international peer-reviewed volume dedicated to the living confluence of poetic, phenomenological and empirical perceptions of reality. Drinking deeply from both the arts and the sciences, and then dissolving their boundaries, Diaphany weds the vital, experiential dimension of reality to rigorous, source-based research. By embracing the principle of qualitative presence, Diaphany seeks to breathe life into the academic logos in a way that infuses philosophical gravitas with a sweeping, visionary leaven.

The concept of diaphany is drawn from the work of German poet and Kulturphilosoph, Jean Gebser. For Gebser, transparency (Durchsichtigkeit) is that which renders both darkness and light present. Diaphany is designed accordingly as both a journal (from French jour, ‘day’) and a nocturne—a hymn to the night. Diaphany thus conceived is a matrix not only for the rational structures of consciousness (wakeful logos and light) but also for the pre-rational structures of consciousness (myth, dream, darkness). In synthesising Enlightenment as well as Romantik streams of culture, Diaphany seeks to render both sides of the human experience more integrally present.

While strictly peer-reviewed, and while upholding the highest standards of academic research—including an unwavering fidelity to source materials—Diaphany is not a conventional academic journal. That is, Diaphany is not interested in so-called ‘objective’, ‘dispassionate’, or ‘impersonal’ inquiry for its own sake. Rather, Diaphany seeks philosophers tempered in the fires of genuine wisdom rather than mere information; scientists whose work emerges as much from a fervent, personal quest as it does from the perception of inexorable, impersonal realities; and artists of poēsis and presence who make the invisible visible and the eternal tangible according to a Kandinskian ‘inner necessity’ (innere Notwendigkeit).

USD $35.00
Softcover , 6 x 9
Illustrated, full colour, 270 pp.
ISSN: 2379-5190
ISBN: 978-1-943710-01-0

I N A U G U R A L - I S S U E

C o n t e n t s

—Aaron Cheak

Sensitive Crystallizations
—Sabrina Dalla Valle

Rendering Darkness and Light Present: Jean Gebser and the Principle of Diaphany [Read Online]
Aaron Cheak

Never Paint what Cannot be Painted: Master Dōgen and the Zen of the Brush
Jason M Wirth

Beauty, Desire, and the Soul of the World
David Fideler

Arcane Cartographies: An Interview with Timothy Ely
Sabrina Dalla Valle and Timothy Ely

Exploring the Fractal Nature of Ibn ‘Arabī’s Cosmology
Moselle N Singh

Never Born, Never Die: Individuation, Mutation & Mystical Birth via Gebser’s Ever-Present Origin
Nicola Masciandaro

The Philosophy of the Flowers: In Search for the Genealogy of Yûgen—A Cosmic Sublime
Elisabet Yanagisawa

The ‘Place of Nothing’ in Nishida as Chiasma and Chōra
John W M Krummel

The Alchemical Chiasmus: Creativity, Counter-Stretched Harmony, and Divine Self-Perception
Aaron Cheak & Sabrina Dalla Valle

Illustration Credits


Aaron Cheak, PhD
Comparative Religion, Philosophy, Esotericism
Auckland, New Zealand

Sabrina Dalla Valle, MFA
Writing and Consciousness
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Jennifer Zahrt, PhD
Germanics, Literature, Film
Seattle, Washington, USA

P E E R - R E V I E W E R S

Ian Mills, PhD
Literary Theory (Film)
Emeritus, La Trobe University
Bundoora, Australia

David Gordon White, PhD
History of Religions
University of California
Santa Barbara, California, USA

Eric Weiss PhD
Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness
Distinguished scholar, Esalen Center for Theory & Research
Big Sur, California, USA

Rod Blackhirst, PhD
Philosophy and Religious Studies
La Trobe University
Bendigo, Australia

Jennifer Lilla, PhD
Psychology, Imaginal Works
Portland, Oregon, USA

Anita Strezova, PhD
Theology, Art History
Sydney, Australia

Gertrude Hughes, PhD
English Language and Literature
Emerita, Wesleyan University
Middletown, Connecticut, USA

Rick Muller, PhD
Corporate Communications
Regis University, Denver, Colorado, USA

Debashish Banerji, PhD
Indian Art History
Dean of Academic Affairs, University of Philosophical Research
Los Angeles, California

Zephyros Kafkalides, LLD
Lecturer, Presocratic Philosophy; Researcher prenatal, perinatal, and transpersonal psychology
Corfu, Greece

Nicole Keating, PhD
Chair of Communication (Historiography)
Woodbury University, Los Angeles, California, USA



DIAPHANY accepts words and images.
In addition to academic essays, we encourage:

Monologues, dialogues, chiaroscuro;
interviews, diatribes, ink and wash;
polemics, poetics, mixed media;
liturgy, dramaturgy, still life;
philology, philosophy, prose.

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