The Leaf of Immortality


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by Dr Aaron Cheak

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN you study comparative religion, philosophy, and esotericism for fifteen years and then take heroic doses of entheogens? In many respects, this book is a long answer to that question. The short answer is: The floodgates open. The dried riverbeds of academic learning become inundated with raw, living, divine experience.

In this short but zesty volume, Dr Cheak explores the intersection of Nordic theurgy, Hermetic philosophy, and cunning linguistics in order to reveal a uniquely alchemical lesson: how to play with poison in order to find its hidden gift.

Through richly layered references to the sinister theologies of Loki, Hermes, and Seth-Typhon, Cheak shows how divine gnosis ultimately dissolves the duality between our inner and outer worlds.

Softcover 5×8, 100 pp.
Limited Edition of 108 Signed Copies
Available exclusively through Rubedo Press

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Nordic theurgy, Hermetic philosophy, cunning linguistics. Together at last.





The Spirit of Loki

The Leaf of Immortality:
Thirteen Refractions of Entheogenic Gnosis

Curiouser and Mercurioser:
Ruminations on a Hermetic Retrograde

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The first edition of The Leaf of Immortality is limited to 108 signed copies. Each copy will be personally sent by the author from Rubedo’s Auckland office (New Zealand), and will include a limited edition postcard designed especially for this release.

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  1. Steve Crimi, Logosophia Books

    (verified owner)

    Reminds me of some of Peter Lamborn Wilson’s best work–spiritual, scholarly and creative. Both way out there and way in there.

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